Social Media Release

Although this social media release was specifically created for my Style and Design in Public Relations course, I actually used pieces of different projects from other courses to create it. I started off with an idea in my Multimedia Writing course the previous semester.

The idea was this - if you are trying to make people care or think about something that they would normally pass over, how do you get their attention using the right incentives that don't distract from the original problem? I started with the idea of Disney Parks creating an environmental pledge that would make younger generations think about their impact. From there, I did research on major releases and such done for the Disney Company at the time. I found the perfect missing piece: Pandora - World of Avatar.

Just before the opening of the new Pandora: World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort, I created the "I See You" pledge, using the Na'vi language to tie the two wholly together. This allowed for media and others to enter the park with early access and photograph or film, as well as take the "I See You" pledge and sign up for the program. Therefore, I used the incentive I created not only to make the environmental impact an important feature, but also get media coverage and exposure for the new park solely through free earned media.

This project was extremely fun, and also taught me to think about all aspect of the campaign and how to fit two ideas together seamlessly.

Pandora: World of Avatar PDF

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