Media Kit: Disney Parks and Resorts

All Public Relations students are required to take a course called Multimedia Writing for Public Relations. Throughout this class, we learn how to create different press releases, write scripts for commercials or radio spots, as well as how to create an annual report and a media kit. This class, in my opinion, is the most valuable class we take in the public relations department at Auburn University.

At the beginning of the course, we must choose a client for which we will do all of our work, as if hired by them as public relations practitioners. I chose Disney Parks and Resorts, because it means so much to me. For our midterm, we did the annual report, you can find in my portfolio as well. For our final project of the course, we were to create a media kit for our client.

The requirements for this were: one press release, one opinion/editorial piece, a backgrounder on three major people in the company, a backgrounder on the company itself, a fact sheet for the company and photos with prepared captions.

This course taught me how to do many things, as well as stretched my creativity and imagination. I made a 98 out of 100 on this project and was very pleased with the marks I received. This course was quite possibly my favorite course of all.

Disney Parks and Resorts Media Kit PDF

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