Camp War Eagle

Camp War Eagle is the freshman orientation program here at Auburn, based out of the First Year Experience office. Camp War Eagle, affectionately known as CWE, takes place over the summer through ten separate sessions that last two to three days each.

As a Camp War Eagle counselor, my job was to be the face of Auburn University - the first welcoming face many of them see, for the incoming freshman class and their parents or guardians. Although the program takes place over the summer, training begins weekly in January and is very strenuous.

Working as a Camp Counselor, I had to lead groups of around 13 freshman through a very strict schedule of events. I had to give many Tiger Talks, which are speeches about resources or traditions at Auburn, as well as be ready to answer almost any question about the university.

Camp War Eagle is a highly respected and competitive extracurricular at Auburn University and I am so thrilled that I was able to be a part of it, and represent my school that I love so much.