Case Study: CVS and Tobacco, Coupled No More

All Public Relations students are required to take a course called Case Studies, where we examine good and bad crises that have occurred with different companies. Throughout this course, we are individually assigned to find crises to present to the rest of our class along with several papers that thoroughly examine the successes and failures that each particular company had to face.

For our final project of the course, our professor divided us up into groups and assigned us to research a case study. Part of the project was to complete a research report on the case study, paired with a thorough presentation of our findings to the rest of our class. My group and I decided to examine CVS Health's decision to stop selling tobacco products in their stores and how they went about such a big change.

We researched their reasons and ideas that created their No More Tobacco campaign, as well as the negative business side and backlash. Our research was to determine whether it was a successful campaign and to tell what we could have done differently if we were in charge of the campaign. Our group's presentation and research consisted of examining the success of CVS's campaign, as well as comparing their competition, like Walgreens.

This course was not only fun, but taught me a lot about examining all facets of a campaign to make sure that any risk of backlash is still work it.

CVS and Tobacco, Coupled No More: A Case Study

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