Finery: A Bridal Boutique

My first ever job was working as an intern for a bridal shop called Finery in my hometown of Huntsville. I enjoyed this experience so much and it really helped me decide that this was what I really wanted to do after graduation. I worked with the boutique itself and gained a lot of learning on customer service, buyer service and design. I also was able to learn from an amazing mentor who had started the company from the ground up. I ended up interning for a few summers and helping on major weekends when I went home, even while at Auburn.

I wanted to create something as a keepsake from this experience, as well as to display another part of my experience. This brochure was created using Canva. I chose this design because Finery prides itself on simplicity. I decided to do black and white on the outsides of the brochure, but lightly colored photos on the interior. Finery tends to stick to a black and white style, with a very vintage feel to everything they produce. I tried to copy this in my brochure to justly show off the company I love so much.

Brochure PDF

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