Disney Parks and Resorts

All Public Relations students are required to take a course called Public Relations Multimedia Writing. This course let us have real-world experience with fake clients, so we can learn from our mistakes. I chose to work for the Walt Disney Company, specifically Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

To create our annual report, we had to have a letter to the shareholders, company background, covering products and services, coming up with event descriptions, purchases, sales, mergers, creating legal issues and much more. Creativity was also a big portion of our grade.

This project took a month to complete and I received a 95 out of 100 point for the overall grade for minor grammatical errors. This project was one of my favorite things I have completed in my time here at Auburn University.

This course taught me how to create an annual report for a company. As a Public Relations practitioner, I need to understand a company and be able to write in other voices, as well as create engaging content.

Disney Parks and Resorts Annual Report PDF

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